Our journey to create Céilí Wínéry started back in 2002 when we moved to Washington’s Wine Country and Doug enrolled at WSU to pursue and obtain his degree in viticulture and enology, all the while working in the wine industry, earning his purple hands (and tired back). We’ve spent the last 10 years designing and planning, asking and re-asking questions, begging, borrowing and buying equipment and putting all the various pieces together. When the dust must finally settled, Céilí Wínéry was born!

Our winery is all about celebration! We believe that any gathering of family and friends is cause for celebration (or at least a good reason to have a drink or two). We pay homage to our Scottish and Irish roots by bringing together some of our favorite things: wine, family and friends (notice the wine always comes first!). We believe in celebrating all that life brings – the good, the bad and the face-for-radio moments. Weddings…celebrate! New babies...celebrate! New home, new job, graduations, baptisms…celebrate, celebrate…well, you get the idea. Even death should be embraced, as friends and family gather together to share stories, laugh, cry and remember a life well-lived.

By using our hands and our hearts (but not our feet, much to the relief of many) to craft something that others will enjoy during the milestones of their lives, we feel as though we are in some small way a part of all those lives and moments. It connects us in a way we never realized until we started sharing our first bottles with those around us. So we raise a glass to all of you who have joined us in this journey. Thank you for being a part of our lives and for letting us be a part of yours…

Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad!

(A light heart lives longest!)


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